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Relevant Solutions For Optimal Patient & Practice Health

The OptiWell MD Affiliate Program Includes the Strategic Partner Alliances

That Allow You to Provide Enhanced Patient Care Options Including 

Wellness Protocols in Medical Weight Loss and Age Management 

With an impressive array of relevant medical solutions,
OptiWell MD raises the bar on the deliverable of revenue-generating opportunities to practices of all sizes and specialties...
Primary Care
Family Practice
Internal Medicine
Med Spas
And More

National Vendor Discount Pricing

May Reduce Your Cost-of-Goods By As Much As 80%

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Annual Wellness

Visit Software


Advanced Tablet-based software for commercial PPO, ACO, IPA and Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. Reimbursement for

the initial visit ranges from $150 to about $200, depending on the LCD or the patient’s PPO plan. Subsequent yearly visits reimburse from $105 to about $180, depending on the LCD

or the patient’s PPO plan.

Last, Medicare and many PPOs cover the AWV at 100%. In other words, the patient

does NOT have any coinsurance, copayment

and/or deductible costs.

Annual Wellness Visit Software, Begavioral Mental Health Testing, Electronic Neurocognitive Screening

Behavioral Mental Health



Depression Screening and Alcohol & Substance Abuse Screening under the Affordable Care Act is allowed once per year per patient.  Both are 100% covered by the ACA with $0 patient responsibility for Medicare and most PPOs. Reimbursement for each screening ranges from about $16 - $21 for Medicare and up to $45 for PPOs.

The screenings are administered by office staff (takes about 5 minutes) and then reviewed by a PA, NP, MD or DO.

Electronic Neurocognitive



  Patients that have suspected neurocognitive              issues are appropriate for the test.         The test reimburses at about $80 for

Medicare and about $120 PPO per 15 minute screening, which can be administered by an office staff member and then reviewed

by a PA, NP, MD/DO



Diagnostic Testing, Allergy Immunotherapy, Enhanced practice Revenue
Advanced Diagnostic Testing

 Partner lab, Cutting Edge Genomics, provides the following Next Generation DNA diagnostic testing services...


  • PGx DNA Testing

  • Cancer DNA predictability (breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastric, pancreas, bladder and prostate)

  • DNA FDA Cleared Cystic Fibrosis testing

  • DNA Carrier testing/Inheritable disease testing

  • Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Testing

  • Blood Wellness Testing (hormores, vitamin and nutrition, heavy metals, etc.)

  • Food Allergy Blood Testing

  • Urine/Toxicology Drug Testing

  • Podiatry Biopsies for Neuropathy

Is Point of Care Dispensing Right

For Your Practice?

White Paper

Only 69% of Prescriptions are Being Filled in the Traditional Way

Patient Compliance Leads To Better Patient Outcomes

Practices that qualify can make $10,000-$50,000 per month

from the prescriptions they write.


The three primary benefits physicians site about implementing our exclusive program are... 

  1. Patient Convenience 64% 

  2. Consistency of Care 58% 

  3. Increased Revenues 53% 

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Medical Reps

If you are interested in offering these

practice solutions

to the physicians in your network...

Please Contact Us

In-Practice Allergy Program

We offer a turnkey solution to bring allergy testing and immunotherapy in-practice. Less than 1% of patients suffering from allergic disease, specifically respiratory allergies, are being diagnosed and treated. By partnering with practices across the country just like yours, we target the remaining 99%. You can greatly improve patient health while substantially increasing your revenue and profitability. Most practices qualify for zero upfront fees. We manage the entire program and provide the staff, testing, therapy and treatment (scratch test, antigens and injections). The office will receive from $1,000 - $3,000 or more per patient per year in reimbursement. Please watch the video below...


Clinical Trials

With our no-cost, easy-to-use ePatientFinder clinical trial exchange platform, physicians are well compensated for helping conduct pre-trial evaluations for their patients

($450-$650 Per Hour).

Sponsors and CROs publish their studies, referring physicians review trials in their community, EHR data providers participate, and ePatientFinder

identifies patients who will benefit.

Everyone wins with a large and

ever-growing community of stakeholders connected via a central hub. Please watch

video below... 

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