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Anti-Aging For Men




Every man experiences a gradual decline in hormone production as he ages. Beginning at age 30, his body manufactures less and less testosterone,

losing 1-2% per year until leveling off somewhere between 40-55 years of age, signaling the onset of Andropause...the male equivalent of Menopause.

Symptoms frequently include lack of sexual desire, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, irritability, depression and sluggishness.


Testosterone is essential to a man’s well-being...

It can literally change your life! 




What is Testosterone Therapy?



Treatments involve small, infrequent muscular injections of testosterone.

The hormone is released into the bloodstream over time in a safe and controlled manner. Dosages are tightly controlled by our OptiWell MDTM medical director to ensure safe and maximum effectiveness. The hormones are compounded

according to the highest industry standards, using the best quality

botanical ingredients available. Derived from soy and other plant-based

ingredients, they are specially formulated to strictly replicate human hormones. 


Some of the Benefits Include


• Reduced fatigue and more energy                • Increased sense of well-being
• Improved memory and mental clarity           • Relief from anxiety & depression

• Enhanced libido and sexual desire                • Less moodiness              

• Decrease in body fat                                   • Increase in lean body mass 

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