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Low Libido
I Don't Know Why But it Seems Like
Neither of Us is Ever in the Mood

Loss of interest in sex or low libido can stem from many things.  Clinical researches have identified the three most common causes in men and women and, interestingly, it’s the same three things!


Emotional factors such as anxiety, depression, stress or moodiness can have a debilitating effect on your natural

sex drive. Certainly, conflict with your partner may play out in a loss of interest in intimacy.


Additionally, many of us make unhealthy lifestyle choices, which can also have a negative impact. Lack of sleep or fatigue is a huge issue for many suffering from low libido. Too little or too much exercise is not good and can render

us at a real physical disadvantage. Likewise, an unhealthy diet can wreak havoc on our sexual appetite. While there

is certainly a lot to be said for the use of certain foods as aphrodisiacs, such as eating oysters to increase virility, the fact of the matter is that certain foods can cause a real physiological reaction that can negatively impact our sexual appetite. Excessive consumption of fat can lead to increased levels of estrogen in men resulting in impotence and weakness. Conversely, strawberries are full of antioxidants, noted for their health benefit to the heart and arteries, which results in improved circulation, critical for sexual performance. As if that’s not enough, strawberries are rich

in Vitamin C, noted to elevate sperm count in men.

Finally, low libido typically occurs in the natural aging process due to decreased hormone production. During menopause for women and the corresponding andropause for men, bodily changes can dramatically effect the production of sex hormones…testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.


The good news is that low libido can be treated safely and effectively with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

at OptiWell MD. The hormones are compounded according to the highest industry standards, using the best quality

botanical ingredients available. Derived from soy and other plant-based ingredients, they are specially formulated to strictly replicate human hormones. 




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Low Libido

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